About us

Main aims:

  • To bring together leaders of faith communities and civic authorities to discuss issues of mutual interest and to work for the good of Glasgow.
  • To promote mutual understanding of the teachings, traditions and practices of different faith communities in the Glasgow area including an awareness of their common ground and a respect for their distinctive features.
  • To encourage and promote dialogue and friendship between people of different faiths.
  • To work for harmony and peaceful coexistence and to oppose prejudice wherever it exists in the local community.
  • To recognise the problems experienced in the practice of any faith within the local community and to work together for their solution.
  • To work with faith groups and other inter faith organisations for shared religious values within civic society.

The Glasgow Forum of Faiths Declaration

Year founded:


Faiths and beliefs involved:


Discussion meetings on social issues; promoting good relations / community cohesion; visiting places of worship; assisting on multi faith civic ceremonies; providing advice to public bodies; acting as a consultative forum on local issues for local government; regular newsletter

Serviced by:

Glasgow City Council

Membership Policy:

membership is open to interested individuals and organisations from the major faiths

Contact details:

Dr Edelweisse Thornley,
Glasgow Forum of Faiths,
Glasgow City Council – Corporate Policy Unit,
City Chambers, George St,
Glasgow G2 1DU
Tel 0141 287 5677
email edelweisse.thornley@ced.glasgow.gov.uk